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At FAB Pharma, our comprehensive line of medical supplies and services has long been recognized as the leading distributor of surgical and medical products. Customer or healthcare providers benefit from the breadth of our product offerings. They can also partner with us to leverage the depth of our experience and expertise to help improve overall business performances too.

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We are spread all over India and have expansive reach in Maharashtra, Gujarat and West Bengal. We take pride to inform you that we have expanded ourselves not only in national market but also stepped in the international market, covering countries like, Srilanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia, and part of Africa. We have been in this trade for the last three decades and have given excellent results in our field.

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OXYGEN FACE MASK WITH STAR LUMEN TUBE Swivel connector for patient comfort.
  • •   200 long star lumen kink resistant tube to ensure continuous flow of oxygen.
  • •   Sterilized with ETO, pyrogen free.
  • •   Oxygen mask packed in class 10,000. Clean room also available.
  • •   Oxygen mask made from Food Grade PVC material.
  • •   Soft, large & designed in such a way that face mask fits comfortably over the face.
  • •   Elastic strap provided to position the mask properly.
Male & female
Leur Lock/ Injection Stopper
  • •   Sterilized by ethylene oxide gas.
  • •   Sterilization complies with is0 11135 - 1
  • •   non pyrogenic - for single use only
  • •   Universal 6% taper - greater compatibility
  • •   Designed for providing access to catheter for injecting Heparin or drawing blood through the injection membrane, using a syringe.
Male & female
Leur Lock/ Injection Stopper
Link PM BLUE - with blue lines throughout length of the tube Link PM RED - with blue lines throughout length of the tube Link PM YELLOW- with blue lines throughout length of the tube Pressure Monitoring lines are used to transmit the invasive blood pressure (via IV Cannula) to the Pressure Monitoring- System. It can also be used with a syringe infusion pump.
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